"Fantastic! I love the dark roast. So rich with flavors unlike any coffee I've ever had before.I have not tried the medium roast yet but excited for the hints of fruit. You're an artist with your roaster. I will not go back to any other coffee now" - Brian

"Yuuuhuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm. Lovin' that dark roast!!! So smooth!!! Can totally taste the chocolate and caramel, wow! And I'm not just saying that to be nice ;). Aimee tried it this morning and said wow!!!" - Sky

"I feel like this is probably the best roast I've ever had. Most of the coffee I've had is burnt or too old. I can taste all of the flavors it's so great! I had one bag of coffee from Stumptown that wasn't months old years ago and that was the last time I even saw fresh coffee. I'm so excited to make you two part of my morning routine. So much love!" - Matt

"Corrie, I want to personally tell you that this coffee is amazing. It tastes just like a Latin American coffee but the tasting notes are so unique and just go so well together. So proud of you and Brandon!" - Mandy

"Oh Corrie .. it is absolutely fabulous!! (I am not surprised, I knew Brandon had this down!) Of course I opened the decaf right away. It is smooth and flavorful.. I am drinking it black (not even adding the 2 tbsp of cream I usually add.) So so good. Congratulations for a successful launch! You guys rock!" - Debbie

"I have SO many coffee people back home in Portland who all love to make their coffee from home and put love and thought into it. So I'm trying to refer everyone because not only does the coffee itself set you apart, but you guys being the ones behind it makes it the whole package deal. I don't say that just to be nice, it's heartbreaking for me when I find out that some of my favorite brands and/or products don't have loving views and acceptance. It makes it hard to support. You guys have it all so right and it feels so good to support ya'll!" - Taylor

"I used this coffee in my french press this morning and it is delicious! I love the chocolate and caramel flavors, not overpowering or fake flavoring, just perfect hints of real flavor! Great job!" - Kelly

"A truly wonderful roast! Full bodied and smooth! Little to no acidity whatsoever, making it gentle on my stomach. Highly recommend!" - Justin

"Seriously love this coffee <3 and they grind it to french press! There is nothing like smelling a fresh bag of coffee." - Tiffany

"You guys are the best and your coffee is SO YUM!" - Molly

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